Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Bridge...

Year of release: 1974
Genre: Blues/Rock
Country: U.K.

01. Day Of The Eagle
02. Bridge Of Sighs
03. In This Place
04. The Fool And Me
05. Too Rolling Stoned
06. About To Begin
07. Lady Love
08. Little Bit Of Sympathy

In a few words:
I found this album by a guest suggestion. So I would like to thank him/her because I found a forgotten jewel. The strange thing is that almost a week before the proposal, I was enjoying the cover of track "Bridge Of Sighs" by Opeth and I was wondering who was the original artist. Anyway, the album is a great blues - rock combination. It is considered Trower's best solo album. I can understand the reason why.

Personal highlights:
"Day Of The Eagle", "Bridge Of Sighs " and "About To Begin"