Monday, August 10, 2009

Depressive Age - Electric Scum

Year of release: 1996
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Germany

01. Electric
02. Cairo Crabat
03. Remeber (Je t'Aime, Taverne Noire)
04. Teenage Temples
05. Small Town Boys
06. Fetherflute
07. Toyland Hills
08. Comanero Song
09. New Machine Wisdom
10. Polar Athletic Son
11. Weird Boy
12. Sport Yells

In a few words:
Here is a forgotten German band, which in 1996 gave us this album and after that it broke-up. The album contains heavy guitars (the band first played thrash metal), weird vocals and various musical surprises like the flamenco part in Comanero Song, the cover of Bronski Beat (Small Town Boy) and many others. Interesting!

Personal highlights:
"Cairo Crabat", "Comanero Song" and "Polar Athletic Son"