Sunday, November 8, 2009

Madrugada - Industrial Silence

Year of release: 1999
Genre: Rock/Alternative
Country: Norway

01. Vocal
02. Beautyproof
03. Shine
04. Higher
05. Sirens
06. Strange Colour Blue
07. This Old House
08. Electric
09. Salt
10. Belladonna
11. Norwegian Hammerworks Corporation
12. Quite Emotional
13. Terraplane

In a few words:
This is the debut album of this Norwegian rock band. An album that combines "old" and "new" rock. Influences: I can detect from Neil Young ("old" rock) till Nick Cave ("new" rock). Unfortunately the guitarist Robert BurĂ¥s (R.I.P.) died in 2007 and the band, after releasing the self-titled album in 2008 split. Without doubt, this band had a characteristic style in its music.

Personal highlights:
"Strange Colour Blue", "This Old House" and " Electric"


Evil Star said...

When I first start to unrar the file it asks for I paste in

it works...

Then I specify were the mp3's go on my PC, then I press finish, but it asks for another password and the original pass does not work and I get crc errors in winrar.

Did you type the second password wrong, perchance(I love using that

Strange Taste In Music said...

I don't use 2 passwords.
The only password I use is blog's name

I suppose that probably the file was not downloaded completely and that's why the CRC error appears. Check file's size. It must be 106211 KB.
I will download it later to see if there is something else. Please, look at the size of the file. Probably the problem is there.

Strange Taste In Music said...

Evil star, you were right. I corrected the file and I re-uploaded it again.. Thank you very much for the information... :-)

Evil Star said...

Erm...I downloaded it again but the problem still exists, except, now only 1 song gets through without a crc error, with the 1st file version I downloaded...3 songs passed without crc errors.

So it appears to be getting worse...:(

What version of Winrar are you packing them with?

Someone also posted a comment about the same problem with the Felt - Felt album. Maybe your version of Winrar has become corrupted somehow or Rapidshare is breaking the file somehow.

Strange Taste In Music said...

That's very strange...
I update my winrar version to 3.90.
I re-upload the album again.
I would appreciate if you download it and then check if everything is OK.

Thank you again for your information.