Monday, August 16, 2010

Black Symphony - Tears Of Blood

Year of release: 2001
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.

01. Tears Of Blood
02. It Remains A Mystery
03. Take Me Down
04. I Am Hate
05. Death
06. Burned
07. Over And Over
08. Tears Of Blood (Part II)
09. Forgive Me
10. Left In Confusion
11. Into The Dark
12. The Black Symphony (Part II)

In a few words:

Black Symphony is a prog/power band from USA. They have released four albums (until now) and Tears Of Blood is their second effort. Although the band still remains within the bounds of the underground, with this album they should have done the breakthrough. Why? Because they created a very interesting album, with heavy guitars, catchy riffs and strong, as well as easy-to-remember refrains. Furthermore, they gave emphasis to the melody of each song, resulting in a album that is easy to be listen, even by a non-progressive fan. A similar band that appeared in this blog is Evergrey. Lastly, the album is a concept about God's existence. Please, give them a try, they deserve it!

Personal highlights:
" It Remains A Mystery", "Over And Over" and "The Black Symphony (Part II)"