Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ozric Tentacles - Become The Other

Year of release: 1995
Genre: Progressive/Space Rock/Electronic
Country: U.K.

01. Cat DNA
02. Ahu Belahu
03. Ghedengi
04. Wob Glass
05. Neurochasm
06. Become The Other
07. Vibuthi
08. Plurnstyle

In a few words:
Ozric Tentacles is a very interesting band and always at the bounds of underground. It is active for more than 25 years (they started at 1984) and they have released several albums. The band plays something between progressive and psychedelic/space rock with electronic elements. There is a lot of virtuosity in instruments' playing (especially at the guitars) and a middle east "air" is all over the songs. Needles to say that this is not an easy-going album and there is no voice here - only instrumental songs. I think that multiple listens can reveal the flow of ideas that exist in this album. In general, if you are curious about how it might sound a collaboration among Hawkwind, Steve Vai and maybe In The Labyrinth, try this band.

Personal highlights:
"Ghedengi", "Neurochasm" and "Vibuthi"