Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coda - Calling Mission Mu


Year of release: 2006
Genre: Neoclassical/Experimental
Country: Australia

01. Marine
02. Superpod
03. Palms Of Shangrila
04. Rocking Horse
05. Miss Bliss
06. Shoes, Your Rhythm
07. Loveliner
08. Past The Moon
09. Secret Music
10. Curtain Fall

In a few words:
This album was a pleasant surprise for me. Let's start with the typical part: CODA is an Australian ensemble that is miles away from the typical definition of string ensemble. Starting from the classical strings, they have enrich their music with electronic beats, pop melodies and post rock sounds, resulting in something really beautiful and innovative. It is very difficult to describe their music, which is a mix of classical, electronic, pop and rock music. All these different music genres are harmonically bonded. The album is instrumental and has a cinematic atmosphere. CODA's music - even without words - is able to express powerful emotions. I will stop describing the album, and I will just tell you this: Give it a chance!

Personal highlights:
"It's too hard to choose a song. All of them are equally great!"


Dr. X said...

this one is just awsome, thanks a lot dude (=

Strange Taste In Music said...

You 're welcome my friend!

I am glad that you like it...