Thursday, February 23, 2012

Esperanto - Last Tango

Year of release: 1975
Genre: Progressive Rock/Tango
Country: Belgium/U.K.

01. Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)
02. Still Life
03. Painted Lady
04. Obsession
05. The Rape
06. Last Tango
07. In Search Of A Dream (CD Bonus Track)
08. Busy Doing Nothing (CD Bonus Track)

In a few words:
Last Tango is Esperanto's third and also last album that was released in 1975. The album could be categorized as progressive rock, but, it incorporates many different musical styles: some kind of jazz ("In Search Of A Dream"), tango (the self-title is an excellent "rock tango"), soul ("Busy Doing Nothing") and even pop ("Obsession"). The strange with this band is that apart from the typical rock instruments they have two violins and a cello, that give a more dramatic and symphonic tone in their sound. It should be mentioned the excellent cover of Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" that opens this great album, as well as the epic "Rape", which has a powerful arrangement that follows the lyrical part. Last but not least, the voice of Kim Moore gives extra credit to the songs. Beautiful album...

Personal highlights: 
"Still Life", "The Rape" and "Last Tango"


Anonymous said...

I bought Esperantos' Last Tango album for 50p in a sale,never heard of the band before...I wasn't disappointed either, totally awesome sound. My fav track was and still is Last Tango. I just played it again and thought 'let's look it up on the internet'. It's great to see someone else remembers them. I got to see Esperanto live a few years later. :-)