Sunday, March 11, 2012

Διάφανα Κρίνα - Έγινε Η Απώλεια Συνήθεια Μας

Year of release: 1996
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Country: Greece

01. Μέρες Αργίας
02. Η Γυναίκα Που Διάβαζε Ποιήματα
03. Κλόουν Την Τετάρτη Την Κυριακή Νεκρός
04. Ρίξτε Τις Καρδιές Σας Στα Σκυλιά
05. Η Γιορτή
06. Μίζερο Φως
07. Όπως Τα Χιόνια
08. Δ.
09. Έγινε Η Απώλεια Συνήθειά Μας
10. Απέραντη Θλιμμένη Ανταρκτική
11. Δίπλα Σου Σαν … Πάντα
12. Αυτό Το Τραγούδι Δεν Είναι Για Σένα
13. Φαρμακωμένη
14. Τελευταία Μέρα

In a few words:
"Έγινε Η Απώλεια Συνήθεια Μας" is the first studio album of Διάφανα Κρίνα that was released in 1996. The band plays some kind of alternative music, but with its own distinctive sound. The album is quite dark and melancholic with very pessimistic lyrics that deal with loss. The marriage of music and lyrics is quite unique. The voice of Thanos Anestopoulos is deep and emotional, in the vein of Nick Cave and Johnny Cash; it gives a dramatic tone to the songs.  All lyrics are in reality poems set to music, written mainly by Pantelis Rodostoglou (bass). Unfortunately the band split up at 2009 disappointing all of their fans. I am sure that if you like bands like Madrugada, Midnight Choir or Nick Cave you will appreciate also this album. I hope that the Greek language will not prevent you from listening one of the greatest Greek albums ever.

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wyrm said...

To me, this sounds A LOT like Heroes del Silencio. But HdS at the time that they still played rock! Excellent find, thanx a lot!

Strange Taste In Music said...

I didn't knew anything about HDS. I have listened some songs on the YouTube. With which album do you think that I should start? Senderos de Traición or other?

wyrm said...

Try Avalancha, it's a great album. Also find "entre dos tierras" on youtube. This is the best known song they've made

Strange Taste In Music said...

Thanks for the suggestion Wyrm.

I will give them a try and perhaps one day you will see one of their albums here...