Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Secrecy - Art In Motion

Year of release: 1990
Genre: Power/Progressive Metal
Country: Germany

01. Trisomie XXI
02. Final Words
03. Last Of The Dynasty
04. A New Beginning
05. Acting With Intellect
06. Himitsu
07. Coroner's Inquest
08. Like Burning One's Boat
09. The Fear To Feel
10. Inside You


Anonymous said...

must be a great album!password??!
great blog!

Strange Taste In Music said...

The password is str8ng3t8st30fmusic.blogspot.com
That was the name of my previous blog...
Yes, the album is really great..
Unfortunately, few people know this band..
If you like this album, listen also the album Beyond from Jester's March, which is awsome too.
Thank you very much for your comment!!!