Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Third And The Mortal - Painting On Glass

Year of release: 1996
Genre: Avant-garde/Experimental Metal
Country: Norway

01. Magma
02. Commemoration
03. Crystal Orchids
04. Persistent And Fleeting
05. White Waters
06. Aurora Borealis
07. Dreamscapes
08. Aurora Australis
09. Azure
10. Veiled Exposure
11. Stairs
12. Eat The Distance
13. Vavonia (Part II)
14. Horizons

In a few words:
If Dead Can Dance were playing metal probably they would sound like this. This is a very experimental album, with a psychedelic/dreamy atmosphere. The 3rd & the Mortal was one of the first atmospheric bands that used female vocals in their music. In this case the voice is very beautiful.

Personal highlights:
"Commemoration", "Dreamscapes" and "Vavonia (Part II)"