Monday, May 10, 2010

Mike Oldfield - Tres Lunas

Year of release: 2002
Genre: Pop/Chill-out
Country: U.K.

01. Misty
02. No Mans Land
03. Return To The Origin
04. Landfall
05. Viper
06. Turtle Island
07. To Be Free
08. Fire Fly
09. Tres Lunas
10. Daydream
11. Thou Art In Heaven
12. Sirius
13. No Mans Land - Reprise
14. To Be Free (Radio Edit)

In a few words:

Gather your friends to your balcony, take your favorite drink, and put this album to the CD player. Alternatively, go to a beach, lay down to the sand and watch the sea waves while listening to this album. As you might think, the current album is highly recommended for summer-listening. Very relaxing and with many beautiful melodies, it will make your summer nights fantastic. It is quite underestimated considering Oldfield's discography and I really don't know the reason. The melodies are really catchy and the various electronic beats create a really chill-out atmosphere. The female voices are quite good and enhance the whole relaxing atmosphere. Personally speaking, this album is one of favorite summer soundtracks.

Personal highlights:
"No Mans Land", " Landfall" and "Turtle Island"