Monday, January 24, 2011

Oriental Wind - Oriental Wind

Year of release: 1977
Genre: Folk/Jazz/Fusion
Country: Turkey

01. Tamara Delihorn
02. Fidayda
03. Les Noto
04. Dere Geliyor Dere
05. Sari Kiz

In a few words:
An almost forgotten album is presented here. This Turkish band combines with a unique way folk and oriental melodies, with jazzy sounds and strange beats (9/8 and 7/8). Various rare instruments appear throughout these five instrumental songs (such as berimbau and tavil) enhancing the exotic atmosphere. I believe that people who live around the Mediterranean sea will find some of the melodies familiar, since they have a traditional feeling. Okay Temiz - whose name appears at the album cover - is an Ethno-jazz/fusion percussionist, very talented and probably one of the most important fusion and jazz artist from Turkey. So, if you like to listen exotic music with an East flavor give this album a try.

Personal highlights:
"Tamara Delihorn", "Les Noto" and "Sari Kiz"