Monday, January 31, 2011

Azam Ali - Elysium For The Brave

Year of release: 2006
Genre: World Music/Ethnic/Darkwave
Country: Iran

01. Endless Reverie
02. Spring Arrives
03. In Other Worlds
04. Abode
05. Forty One Ways
06. The Tryst
07. From Heaven To Dust
08. I Am A Stranger In This World
09. In This Divide

In a few words:
This album is my last discovery. It spins almost every night at my player. Imagine a more "eastern" version of Loreena McKennitt and Dead Can Dance. Add some ethnic instruments and some electronic beats and you will have an idea of the music. So, what about the singer? Again, the two similar voices that come to my mind are Loreena McKennitt and Lisa Gerrard. "Elysium..." is the second solo album of this great Iranian singer. An album that has beautiful melodies, ethnic rhythms, dark/mysterious atmosphere and a great voice. Although she is not a very popular artist she has collaborated with Serj Tankian, Dredg and others. In general, this album is an excellent companion for night listening.

Personal highlights:
"Endless Reverie", "Spring Arrives" and "I Am A Stranger In This World"


Dr. X said...

This album is great =)
i got to say, u don't see many comments around, but your blog is very nice, u got a very strange taste :P .. anyway, keep the good work
thanks man.

Strange Taste In Music said...

Thank you very much my friend.
I am glad that some of you enjoy the presented albums...

Regards... ;-)