Thursday, February 24, 2011

R.I.P. Gary

Earlier this month, one of the greatest rock/blues guitarist of all time passed away. It was a very sad surprise to inform that one of my favorite guitarists will no longer play his music. So, why we should remember Gary? Because apart from his technique, his playing had "tons of passion". He played almost everything in his career: progressive/psychedelic rock (Skid Row, Colosseum II), hard rock (Thin Lizzy, solo), pop (solo) and of course his biggest love: blues (BBM, solo), with quite success. Furthermore, something that is not mention very often is his vocal abilities, which were quite remarkable. If one word could describe his music, this would be "feeling".

As a tribute, I decided to upload Corridors Of Power, because it combines two of my favorites sides of Gary, the "hard" one and the "blue" one.

Goodbye Gary.... Empty rooms are everywhere...

Year of release: 1982
Genre: Hard Rock/ Blues
Country: Ireland

01. Don’t Take Me For A Loser
02. Always Gonna Love You
03. Wishing Well
04. Gonna Break My Heart Again
05. Falling In Love With You
06. End Of The World
07. Rockin’ Every Night
08. Cold Hearted
09. I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

In a few words:
I really believe that deep inside, Gary was a blues-man. Even when he composed all these excellent hard rock/metal albums, something in his playing made me think that he just plays hard rock but with a different way - with a blues feeling. Moreover, almost in every album he included a soft song, something like a blues ballad, in which his blues-oriented playing is more than obvious. So, here we have hard rock dynamites (like "Rockin’ Every Night"), "crying" ballads (like "Always Gonna Love You") and "shredding" songs (like "End Of The World" - especially the intro). That's the way we should remember him...

Personal highlights:
Classic album, classic songs all of them...