Monday, February 28, 2011

My 3 Most Listened Albums Of 2010 Part 3

And finally here is the third (and last) part of my most listened albums of 2010... I hope to enjoy all of them... ;-)

Year of release: 2010
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Sweden

01. Wiseman
02. Alley Cat
03. The Angelmaker
04. King of Whitewater
05. Long Way Home
06. Move on Through
07. The Great Escape:
- I - ...And the Earth Wept
- II - Poisoned Land (instrumental)
- III - Leaving Home
- IV - Take-off
- V - A Turn for the Worse
- VI - A New Balance
- VII - Death of the Goddesses
- VIII - The Age of Confusion: Despair
- IX - The Age of Confusion: Lust
- X - The Age of Confusion: Reason
- XI - The Aftermath
- XII - Dining on Ashes
- XIII - The Curtain Falls

In a few words:
I am listening to progressive metal a lot of years. As the years passes by it is more and more difficult to find something to attract my interest. Last year I first listened to this Swedish band and I really stuck on them. They play progressive but with the "traditional way" (although this sounds contradictory), which means: long compositions, high class technique (on instruments playing), a lot of riffs/solos in every song, awesome melodies, strange time signatures etc. They have also a great singer. One main advantage of this band is that all the songs have many catchy melodies that make the listening much more attractive to non-progressive fans. The album has a lot of variety: from heavy songs ("Alley Cat"), to mellow ballads ("Long Way Home") and epic masterpieces (self-title). The title track is a concept song based on the poems "Aniara" by Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson, that deals with the tragedy of a space ship. All in all, if you like bands such as Symphony X, Shadow Gallery or Dream Theater you will definitely enjoy this album.

Personal highlights:
"Alley Cat", "Long Way Home" and "The Great Escape"