Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 3 Most Listened Albums Of 2010 Part 1

For the end of February, I decided to do something different. On Monday you will find on this post an album that I have listened too many times during 2010. The reason for doing this is that some artists should receive people attention's on time - not after years, especially when they have released excellent albums. So, be patient and on Monday the mystery will be revealed... ;-)

Year of release: 2010
Genre: Ambient/Darkwave
Country: U.K.

01. Babylon
02. The Bogus Man
03. Wintersun
04. Utopia
05. Inferno
06. This Boy
07. The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
08. Crescent

In a few words:
This album was a suggestion from my friend Michman (at the shoutbox) - thanks buddy - which I love it from the first listen. Ark is the second solo album of Brendan Perry, the male half of Dead Can Dance. I think that he put some of the atmosphere of the Dead Can Dance's sound here. However, if you are searching for eastern melodies, mysterious instruments etc you will be probably disappointed - with the exception of first track "Babylon" (which was initially a DCD's song with the title "Saffron" - they played it at their 2005 tour). Mr. Perry follows a more electronic approach to his personal album, with many levels of synthesizers and various drum beats. In my opinion fans of Schiller will enjoy this album and probably all of you that you are looking for something relaxing to listen to.

Personal highlights:
"The Bogus Man", "Utopia" and "Crescent"