Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roy Buchanan - Second Album

Year of release: 1973
Genre: Blues
Country: U.S.A.

01. Filthy Teddy
02. After Hours (Avery Parrish/Erskine Hawkins)
03. Five String Blues
04. Thank You Lord
05. Treat Her Right (Roy Head)
06. I Won't Tell You No Lies
07. Tribute To Elmore James
08. She Once Lived Here (Autry Inman)

In a few words:
Another great blues-man is presented here. A great guitar player that has influenced many guitarist (Gary Moore was one of them). His playing is exceptional with a lot of phrases in questioning - answering style. Even without words you can easily distinguish a dialog between the various guitar phrases. Although he has an excellent technique, his playing is quite emotional and with a lot of feeling. Furthermore, he has a very good voice and a classic blues-style way of singing. Apart from Roy's compositions, the album contains three excellent covers, with "After Hours" being exquisitely performed. If you like the blues I am sure that you will love this album. It's a classic blues masterpiece.

Personal highlights:
"Filthy Teddy", "Five String Blues" and "I Won't Tell You No Lies"