Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wolf Hoffmann - Classical

Year of release: 1997
Genre: Classical/Blues/Guitar Virtuoso
Country: Germany

01. Prelude
02. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (Grieg cover)
03. Habanera (Bizet cover)
04. Arabian Dance (Tchaikovsky cover)
05. The Moldau (Smetana cover)
06. Bolero (Ravel cover)
07. Blues For Elise (Beethoven cover)
08. Aragonaise (Bizet cover)
09. Solveig's Song (Grieg cover)
10. Western Sky
11. Pomp And Circumstance (Elgar cover)

In a few words:
Wolf Hoffmann is widely known from his great heavy metal band - Accept. Wolf also loves classical music. So, in his first solo album he decided to cover his favorite classical compositions. The result is really amazing! All the well known classical compositions are transformed to something new, but really awesome. Classical music goes rock/hard rock/blues/even heavy metal. The guitar alternates from great acoustic parts to catchy heavy riffs, from superb melodies to mind-blowing solos. A blues feeling is all over the album which fits great with the songs. If you like the original classical compositions I am sure that you will find Wolf's aspect at least interesting. You can simple listen to this blues version of For Elise and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Personal highlights:
"The Moldau", "Blues For Elise" and "Pomp And Circumstance"