Friday, April 29, 2011

Neon Pearl - Recordings

Year of release: 1967 (released 2004)
Genre: Psychedelic/Folk Rock
Country: U.K.

01. What You See
02. Dream Scream
03. Out Of Sight
04. Just Another Day
05. Forever
06. Going With The Flow
07. Urban Ways
08. Going Back
09. Dream
10.Nothing To Say

In a few words:
Now we will go back to the 60's, the golden decade of psychedelic rock. Neon Pearl was the first band of Peter Dunton, who is better known from the other bands that he played, (Please, T2 and The Flies). These unreleased demos were recorded back in 1967 and they released at 2004, only...37 years later! So, drifting guitar work and melodic vocal harmonies make these songs an interesting and unique piece of psychedelic rock history. Apart from the trippy atmosphere, there are a lot of folk (and some garage) elements in the songs. The original LP is rare and consequently, difficult to find. I always enjoy to listen to this kind of music during night, so I am suggesting you to do the same...

Personal highlights:
"Out Of Sight", "Urban Ways" and "Dream"