Monday, September 19, 2011

Over The Rhine - Good Dog Bad Dog

Year of release: 2000
Genre: Pop/Rock/Folk
Country: U.S.A.

01. Latter Days
02. All I Need Is Everything
03. Etcetera Whatever
04. I Will Not Eat The Darkness
05. Faithfully Dangerous
06. The Seahorse
07. Everyman's Daughter
08. Poughkeepsie
09. Willoughby
10. It's Never Quite What It Seems
11. Happy To Be So
12. Go Down Easy

In a few words:
"Good Dog Bad Dog" was first released at 1996 as an independent album and re-released at 2000 from Back Porch. The two versions differ slightly on the number of songs that they contain ("Jack's Valentine" and "A Gospel Number" were not included in the 2000 re-release, while "It's Never Quite What It Seems" was not contained at the original release). It is the fourth studio album of the band (taking into account the first release). Anyway, "Good Dog Bad Dog" is a very beautiful pop/rock album, based on chords of acoustic guitars, the melodies of the piano and the voice of Karin Bergquist. It is an easy-listening album, suitable for listening at the small hours of day, while a feeling of "sweet melancholy" is all over the album. If you like female singers, I am sure that you will enjoy the voice of Karin, which is one of the highlights of the album.

Personal highlights: 
"All I Need Is Everything", "The Seahorse" and "It's Never Quite What It Seems"