Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goblin - Roller

Year of release: 1976
Genre: Italian Progressive/Symphonic Rock
Country: Italy

01. Roller
02. Aquaman
03. Snip-Snap
04. Il Risveglio Del Serpente (The Snake Awakens)
05. Goblin
06. Dr. Frankenstein

In a few words:
"Roller" is the second studio album of this amazing progressive band and the first non-soundtrack. The trademark of Goblin's sound is probably the keyboard work of Claudio Simonetti, who dresses the songs with these horror and mysterious sounds. The keys star in every song, while the rest of the instruments give the necessary rhythm. The following albums have been used as soundtracks for horror movies, so it is not surprising the fact that there is a dark atmosphere all over the album. Apart from symphonic rock, there are some jazz influences, as well as many funky rhythms ("Snip-Snap"). Goblin's sound could be described as a mixture of Mike Oldfield and Pink Floyd, so if you like these bands, you could probably enjoy this album. 

Personal highlights: 
"Roller", "Goblin" and "Dr. Frankenstein"