Friday, October 14, 2011

Hades - Resisting Success

Year of release: 1987
Genre: Thrash//Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.

01. The Leaders
02. On To Iliad
03. Legal Tender
04. Sweet Revenge
05. Night Stalker
06. Resist Success
07. Widows Mite (Chapter Eleven)
08. The Cross
09. Masque Of The Red Death

In a few words:
The 80's was a great decade for thrash metal! Many known bands (Slayer, Metallica, Kreator, Sodom etc.) created masterpieces, but, even less known bands released some pretty good albums, like Hades for example. "Resisting Success" is their debut album and contains an excellent mixture of thrash and U.S. power metal. There is a lot of variety in the songs (acoustic guitars, some heavy "slow" riffs and solos), which implying that this is not a typical "fast played" thrash album. Especially the riffs are sometimes really technical but they don't disturb the energy and the tension that comes out from the album. Of course, I should not forget to mention the great work of Allan Tecchio on vocals. Allan's voice goes really high, but those of you who know him from the great technical/progressive metallers Watchtower, I am sure that you will be familiar with his voice.    

Personal highlights: 
"On To Iliad", "Widows Mite" and "Masque Of The Red Death"