Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Frank Gambale - The Great Explorers

Year of release: 1993
Genre: Rock/Fusion/Guitar Virtuoso
Country: Australia

01. Frankly Speaking
02. The Final Frontier
03. The Jaguar
04. The Great Explorers
05. Duet Tuet
06. She Knows Me Well
07. Thunder Current
08. Pathfinder
09. Dawn Over The Nullarbor
10. Cruising Altitude
11. Naughty Business

In a few words:
Since I have a lot of time to present a guitar virtuoso, let me introduce you to the world of Frank Gambale, a world that is full of melody, high-level technique and lot of feelings.  Having at his back Joe Satriani's touring band, "The Great Explorers" is probably more rock-oriented than his albums with Chick Corea or Vital Information. This is the fifth solo album of Gambale and is entirely instrumental. There is a lot of musical variety in the album, since there are energetic rock compositions, as well as jazzy - fusion stuff. In every song you will find a "catchy" (easy to remember) musical phrase, so I believe that the album can be appreciated even by people who are not familiar with fusion. Undoubtedly, fans of Steve Vai or Joe Satriani will definitely find this album at least interesting.

Personal highlights: 
"The Final Frontier", "The Great Explorers" and "Dawn Over The Nullarbor"