Saturday, December 31, 2011

J.Viewz - Muse Breaks

Year of release: 2005
Genre: Electronic/Trip Hop/Chill-out
Country: U.S.A./Israel

01. Under The Sun
02. Muse Breaks
03. Worth Light
04. When Silent It Speaks
05. Your Country
06. Room For Me, Room For Sweets
07. Moontime
08. Sunswop
09. Feeler
10. Two Steps Away
11. Protected

In a few words:
We will leave 2011 behind us with a quite "relaxing" album. "Music Breaks" is the debut album of J.Viewz. The producer Jonathan Dagan is the mastermind behind this project. Although many different musicians participated in the recordings of this album, the end result is quite homogenous. However, there is a lot of musical variety in the songs: electronic beats, trip-hop altitude, jazz pianos, funky rhythms, lounge - space atmosphere, acoustic guitar riffs and even many more. There numerous ideas and musical "layers" in each song, but, still, the tracks are easy listening. An undeniable highlight on this album is its musical diversity; many different styles are all combined together. Furthermore, Noa has a wonderful voice that raises every song one level higher. Overall, "Music Breaks" is an excellent album without any doubt.
Happy New Year to all of you!

Personal highlights: 
"Worth Light", "When Silent It Speaks" and "Sunswop"