Thursday, December 15, 2011

Veni Domine - Material Sanctuary

Year of release: 1995
Genre: Progressive/Power Doom Metal
Country: Sweden

01. The Meeting
02. Ecclesiastes
03. Material Sanctuary
04. Ritual Of The Sinner
05. The Mass
06. Behold The Signs
07. Wrath Of The Lion
08. Beyond The Doom
09. Baroque Moderne

In a few words:
This album goes my memories back almost a decade. It was around 2000 when I first listened the opening track of this album in a CD completion of a metal magazine. I found quite interesting the mix of doom with power and progressive metal elements. A couple of years later I managed to listen the whole album. My first impression didn't change at all. So, Material Sanctuary is mainly a doom metal album, but its songs have complex structures and long durations. The organ/keyboard sound enhances the whole doom-y/funeral atmosphere of the album. Fredrik Ohlsson's voice is quite unique and sometimes reminds me Geoff Tate's voice. The album could be some kind of crossroad between doom and progressive metal. I am sure that fans of both genres will find it interesting.

Personal highlights: 
"The Meeting", "Material Sanctuary" and "Beyond The Doom"