Saturday, July 21, 2012

T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland

Year of release: 1970
Genre: Progressive/Psychedelic Rock
Country: U.K.

01. In Circles
02. J.L.T.
03. No More White Horses
04. Morning
05. Questions And Answers (only on CD version)
06. CD (only on CD version)
07. In Circles (only on CD version)

In a few words:
“It`ll All Work out in Boomland” is the debut album of T2 that was released at 1970. The band was consisted of Keith Cross* (guitars, keyboards), Peter Dunton (drums, vocals) and Bernard Jinks (bass). One year ago I presented the solely album of a psychedelic/folk rock band called Neon Pearl, member of which was Peter Dunton. So, similar to Neon Pearl, there is a strong psychedelic element in T2’s music. However, unlike Neon Pearl, there are a lot of heavy-distorted guitars here and the sound sometimes approaches even hard rock. It is difficult to fall this album into a certain musical category. You can find many interesting things here: acoustic guitars that give a folk tone in the songs, keyboards that add a psychedelic atmosphere, hard rock guitar riffs and solos, as well as progressive altitude (many changes within each song and generally long durations – see “Morning” for example). The voice of Peter Dunton fits with the music, although is not something special. The band was disbanded after this album. Nevertheless, during 1990’s they reunited and released other 3 albums, but without reaching the quality of “It`ll All Work out in Boomland”.

*Trivia: Keith Cross was only 17 years old when they recorded this album. He was a quite talented guitarist considering his age.

Personal highlights:
“J.L.T.”, “No More White Horses” and "Morning"