Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Saltillo - Ganglion

Year of release: 2006
Genre: Trip Hop/Experimental
Country: U.S.A.

01. A Necessary End
02. Giving In
03. Remember Me?
04. A Simple Test
05. A Hair On The Head Of John The Baptist
06. Blood And Milk
07. The Opening
08. Backyard Pond
09. Grafting
10. Praise
11. I'm On The Wrong Side
12. 002 F#m

In a few words:
Here is my latest discovery. An album that spins every day to my player the last few weeks.  Saltillo* is actually the solo-project of mufti-instrumentalist Menton J. Matthews III, who plays everything in this album (guitar, piano, banjo, cello, viola, violin, bass and drums). “Ganglion” is the first album of Saltillo and is a really experimental album; having as base the trip hop and electronica, the music goes to even classical and chamber modes. What is really remarkable in this album is its instrumentation: drum beats, samples, violin and piano melodies, everything is so perfectly placed in each composition that creating a unique sound. Although “Ganglion” is a demanding listen, it has many memorable melodies that will grab you from the first listen (the banjo melody of “Remember Me?” Is a good example of catchy tune). The album is dark and sometimes it reminds me soundtrack. The guest singers give extra credit to the songs with their unique voices. Highly recommended album!

*Trivia: Some months ago Saltillo released their/his second album – Monocyte – which also worth listening. 

Personal highlights:
“Every single note”