Friday, March 26, 2010

American Blues Exchange - Blueprint

Year of release: 1969
Genre: Blues
Country: U.S.A.

01. On Solitude
02. Cold From Blues
03. Recorder Thing
04. The Taker
05. Burlington Letter
06. Ode To The Lost Legs Of John Bean
07. Big Max Revenge
08. The True Son Cofesses
09. Age Child
10. Steppin Out
11. One Sunny Day
12. Dust My Broom

In a few words:

It's time for blues now. It's time to listen to an album that was released 41 years ago. There is a lot of feeling here. Feeling that is combined with the excellent guitar work and the robust rhythm section. The band, except for the blues, was also inspired from the folk music that was popular that time (take for instance "The True Son Cofesses"). The voice is also quite good, but not something special in general. However, I believe that this is a classic blues album that many people should listen and acquire. It is quite good for night-listening.

Personal highlights:
"On Solitude", "Ode To The Lost Legs Of John Bean" and "One Sunny Day"