Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Subaudition - Light On The Path

Year of release: 2009
Genre: Acoustic/Neo-Folk
Country: Finland

01. Alms Of The Sun
02. Sínne
03. Now That We've Spent All The Light
04. Feathers Fall
05. The Soul Unto Aether
06. Human Abstract
07. Wall Of Water

In a few words:

Subaudition is the side-project of a Finnish progressive rock/metal band called Manifold Project. Although they begun as an acoustic project, they have added violin, keyboards and some electric guitars on their sound. I could recommend this album to people that like bands such as Shamrain or even Green Carnation. The album is quite melancholic and atmospheric. The voice is "warm" and appropriate to accompany the music. Credits go to the use of violin and piano, which colorize the songs, as well as to the beautiful cover of the album.

Personal highlights:
"Alms Of The Sun", "Now That We've Spent All The Light" and "Human Abstract"