Sunday, March 14, 2010

Atlantic - Power

Year of release: 1994
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Country: U.K.

01. It's Only Love
02. Power Over Me
03. When The War Is Over
04. Can't Hold On
05. Every Beat Of My Heart
06. Bad Blood
07. Nothing To Lose
08. Dangerous Game
09. Hands Of Fate
10. Hard To Believe
11. Hearts On Fire

In a few words:

Another amazing melodic hard rock album is presented here. During 90's many good albums have been released from bands that did not manage to make any success. However, similar to the Giant case, this is a very good album. Beautiful songs with very good guitar riffs/solos and melodies, nice work on keyboards and a very good voice, with a lot of feeling. Almost all the songs are "catchy" and could be possibly released as singles. It is a feel-good album, which is highly recommended for car-listening, especially when the sun is shining...

Personal highlights:
"It's Only Love", "Power Over Me" and "Every Beat Of My Heart"