Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ekho - Among The Shadows Of Erebus (Demo)

Year of release: 2009
Genre: Black/Folk Metal
Country: Israel

01. Among The Shadows Of Erebus
02. Waters Of Abyss
03. Silent Mourning
04. Across

In a few words:

This is the second demo of this Israeli band. Ekho plays an interesting mixture of melodic black metal with ethnic elements. These elements make the listening much more "spicy" and attract the listener's attention. In my opinion, they should continue to this direction - adding new elements without leaving their black metal origins. The sound is not perfect, but OK, this is a demo - not an official release. So, the sound is clean enough to distinguish what instruments play but also "dirty" enough to keep the "black metal" roughness. Credits go for their decision to upload this demo in various blogs (as this one). So guys, keep up the good work. We expecting much more interesting stuff in the future.

Personal highlights:
"Among The Shadows Of Erebus" and "Silent Mourning"