Thursday, April 22, 2010

In The Labyrinth - The Garden Of Mysteries

Year of release: 1994
Genre: Folk/Progressive Rock/World Music
Country: Sweden

01. Gates Of Andorra
02. Karakoram Pass
03. Escape From Canaan
04. Hiram Abiff
05. Kekova (The Sunken City)
06. Ali Hasan
07. Aslan
08. Meditating Minotauros
09. The Garden Of Mysteries II
10. Monsoon
11. Andalucy
12. Journey To Hel
13. Moorish Tapsody
14. Trans Turkish Express
15. Aral
16. Moorish Waltz
17. Desert Visions
18. Ya Qader
19. The Garden Of Mysteries I
20. La Dame Inconnue
21. Almeria
22. Palm-cat

In a few words:

This album is a real time machine. Believe me, when you will listen to it you will think that you are somewhere in the Middle East, many centuries ago. It is a very strange and mysterious album, but it is worth-listening. There are many ethnic instruments that enhance its mysterious atmosphere. Most compositions are instrumentals, with quite "rich" orchestration. The mastermind behind this project is Peter Lindahl, who is influenced by Turkish popular music, songs of the Middle East, Greek Rebetiko and Indian classical music (as he says in his site). It should be highlighted, that the album was sold out and never re-released, so it cannot be found in a music shop. In general, the album is a unique trip. Enjoy it!

Personal highlights:
The album flows as one song...