Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Without Any Doubt!

Year of release: 1995
Genre: Alternative/Ska/Pop
Country: U.S.A.

01. Spiderwebs
02. Excuse Me Mr.
03. Just A Girl
04. Happy Now?
05. Different People
06. Hey You
07. The Climb
08. Sixteen
09. Sunday Morning
10. Don't Speak
11. You Can Do It
12. World Go 'Round
13. End It On This
14. Tragic Kingdom

In a few words:
I always thought that No Doubt made a huge success due to their hit singles, like "Don't Speak" that is included here. However, when I first listened to this album I was very surprised and impressed from their songwriting. Although "Don't Speak" - probably their most known song - is a very good (power) ballad, the rest songs have nothing to do with it. So, we have a punk altitude in guitars, some wind instruments (like trumpet) that implying ska influences and a crazy singer with a very good voice. There is a musical variety in the songs, which makes them interesting plus a positive feeling. The album is quite enjoyable this season.

Personal highlights:
"Excuse Me Mr.", "Sixteen" and "Sunday Morning"