Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winter Rose - Winter Rose

Year of release: 1989
Genre: Hard Rock/Glam Metal
Country: Canada

01. Asylum City
02. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
03. Rouge
04. Dianna
05. One Last Time
06. Never Let Me Go
07. My Time
08. Nothing But The Best
09. Saved By Love
10. Thrill Of The Night

In a few words:
Winter Rose is mostly known as the former band of Dream Theater's vocalist James Labrie. Unfortunately, this self-titled album is the solely album that they have ever release. Up tempo hard rock, in the vein of 80's glam metal bands, with cool riffs and solos, catchy refrains and beautiful ballads. When I am listening to this album, Skid Row is probably the first band that comes to my mind, but this is not surprising since Sebastian Bach was their singer during their first days (when they called Hope, then changed to Sebastian and finally, after Bach's departure, changed to Winter Rose). Highlights of this album are the very good guitar work of Richard Chycki, who also composed all the tracks, and of course, Labrie's performance, which gave him the opportunity to become member of Dream Theater. Anyway, Winter Rose is a very good album and since we approaching summer, it could cheer you up.

Personal highlights: 
"I'll Never Fall In Love Again", "Never Let Me Go" and "Saved By Love" 


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