Sunday, June 10, 2012

Armik - Besos

Year of release: 2010
Genre: Flamenco/Guitar Virtuoso
Country: Iran/U.S.A.

 01. Our Night
 02. Espana
 03. Besos
 04. Estrellas
 05. Dancing Butterflies
 06. Esperanza
 07. Soleares
 08. Santiago
 09. Paraiso
 10. Amor Mio
 11. Malibu Nights
 12. Mi Mundo

In a few words:
Summer has officially began. So, many of you are already thinking where to spend your holidays. Well, I don't have any particular suggestion about where to go, but, I have a good suggestion about what to listen to whenever you go. Armik is a great flamenco guitar player and besos (= kisses), is his penultimate work that was released in 2010 (the self title song was included on 2010 collection). The album is full of melodies and is really enjoyable. Armik's technique serves the compositions, not the opposite. His playing is full of feeling and emotions. These 12 tracks are able to take away your daily routine. They will transfer you to a beautiful, calm and peaceful place. Fans of Paco De Lucia or Al Di Meola will absolutely love this one. 

Personal highlights: 
"Besos", "Esperanza" and "Malibu Nights"