Saturday, February 13, 2010

All About Eve - All About Eve

Year of release: 1988
Genre: Folk Rock/Pop/Gothic Rock
Country: U.K.

01. Flowers In Our Hair
02. Gypsy Dance
03. In The Clouds
04. Martha's Harbour
05. Every Angel
06. Like Emily
07. Shelter From The Rain
08. She Moves Through The Fair
09. Wild Hearted Woman
10. Never Promise
11. Apple Tree Man
12. What Kind Of Fool
13. In The Meadow
14. Lady Moonlight

In a few words:

Here is a very "colorful" album, which can create very different emotions with its songs. Although a melancholic mood is all around the air it has also an aura of hopefulness. The music could be described mainly as folk rock (there are a lot of acoustic guitars throughout the songs). with "dream" pop elements. Many people also categorize this album as gothic rock, since the band's members were connected to other famous bands like The Mission and The Sisters Of Mercy. The voice of Julianne Regan is quite emotive and appropriate for the songs. The album could be a good company during the rainy days...

Personal highlights:
"In The Clouds", "Martha's Harbour" and "Shelter From The Rain"