Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forest Of Shadows - Departure

Year of release: 2004
Genre: Doom/Atmospheric Death/Post Rock
Country: Sweden

01. Sleeping Death
02. November Dream
03. Bleak Dormition
04. Open Wound
05. Departure

In a few words:

Forest Of Shadows is actually the one-man band of Niclas Frohagen. The music of this album is quite dark, depressing and doom-y. Niclas has created an interesting mixture of doom/death metal, full of melodies and post rock elements. The only band that he hardly reminds me is Katatonia (mostly in some guitar riffs). Apart from "Bleak Dormition" the mean duration of the songs is over 10 minutes. The voice of Niclas, either on brutal or on clean vocals is quite appropriate for the music and it "colorize" the songs, giving them various shades of gray. All of his albums are worth-checking. He is a very talented guy.

Personal highlights:
"Sleeping Death", "November Dream" and "Departure"