Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eldritch - El Nino

Year of release: 1998
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Country: Italy

01. Fall From Grace
02. No Direction Home
03. Heretic Beholder
04. Scar
05. Bleed Mask Bleed
06. The Last Days Of The Year
07. From Dusk Till Dawn
08. To Be Or Not To Be (God)
09. El NiƱo

In a few words:

If you want to listen a powerful progressive metal album, full of technical riffs, but also with a lot of melodies, try this one. In this third studio album the Italian prog-metallers presenting an excellent album, slightly influenced from bands like Watchtower (in riffs mainly) and Dream Theater (in keyboards parts). The album generally has a dark atmosphere which is enhanced by the very good voice of Terence Holler. In the next albums the band tried to reach a much more modern sound, mainly influenced from bands like Fear Factory, but I think that their best work is here, since the strong riffs co-exist harmonically with nice melodies, something that is missing from their following albums.

Personal highlights:
"Bleed Mask Bleed", "The Last Days Of The Year" and "From Dusk Till Dawn"