Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coroner - Grin

Year of release: 1993
Genre: Techno-Thrash
Country: Switzerland

01. Dream Path
02. The Lethargic Age
03. Internal Conflicts
04. Caveat (To The Coming)
05. Serpent Moves
06. Status: Still Thinking
07. Theme For Silence
08. Paralized, Mesmerized
09. Grin (Nails Hurt)
10. Host

In a few words:

Switzerland is well known for two things: chocolates and wristwatches. However, when it comes to metal, similarly, two bands first comes to my mind. The first one is Celtic Frost, which help a lot Coroner on their first steps (Tom Warrior had sung on their first album "R.I.P."). The second band is (obviously) Coroner, a thrash mainly band, which end up its career at 1995, leaving behind 5 excellent studio albums. In the presented album (their last studio album), the band evolves its own characteristic techno-thrash sound, with industrial influences resulting in a dark, industrialized masterpiece. Credits go to the rhythmic riffs of Tommy Vetterli (guitarist), who after the band''s break-up become member of Kreator (1996 - 2001).

Personal highlights:
"Internal Conflicts", " Serpent Moves" and "Grin (Nails Hurt)"