Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lacrimas Profundere - Memorandum

Year of release: 1999
Genre: Doom/Gothic Metal
Country: Germany

01. Infinity
02. Helplessness
03. ...And How To Drown In Your Arms
04. Black Swans
05. Reminiscence
06. The Crown Of Leaving
07. All Your Radiance...
08. The Embrace And The Eclipse
09. The Fate Of Equilibrium

In a few words:
Since we are leaving summer behind, I will keep last year’s tradition and I will welcome autumn with an atmospheric album. So, similar to On Thorns I Lay case, here we have a very atmospheric and depressing/melancholic album.  Memorandum is probably the last album of Lacrimas Profundere before changing their sound (starting from the following Burning: A Wish). Here we have doom/gothic metal the old way: doom-y, but also melodic riffs, are combined with piano and violin melodies. The vocals are mainly brutal, while some clean and female vocals give the necessary variety to the songs. Sometimes they remind me other favorite bands, such as old Anathema and My Dying Bride but, don't be fooled: they know how to harmonize their influences with their own ideas and enriching them with pure emotions. So, let's goodbye summer with Memorandum and welcome back autumn...

Personal highlights: 
". ...And How To Drown In Your Arms", "Reminiscence" and "All Your Radiance..."