Friday, August 26, 2011

Pink Cream 69 - Sonic Dynamite

Year of release: 2000
Genre: (Melodic) Hard Rock
Country: Germany

01. Passage To Hope        
02. Seas Of Madness        
03. Followed By The Moon        
04. Sonic Dynamite        
05. The Spirit        
06. Speed Of Light        
07. Waiting For The Dawn        
08. Let The Thunder Reside        
09. Lost In Illusions        
10. Face Of An Angel        
11. Shattered Prophecy        
12. Spread Your Wings        
13. Truth Hits Everybody (The Police Cover)

In a few words:
Did you happen to go for a short car-trip in the summer? If yes, did you enjoy the journey? If the answer in the latter question is "not so much", then, I have something for you. This album is a real dynamite - as the title says - and can transform a boring road-trip to a very enjoyable experience. Having a lots of hard rock riffs, many beautiful melodies, a very good singer, a modern and clean production, as well as many catchy choruses, this album can cheer you up in a few minutes. Apart from your car player, you can put this album to your player whenever you want something straightforward, melodic and "positive" to listen. I think that the departure of former singer was beneficial for both sides, since Andi Deris continued his career to Helloween and Pink Cream 69 found a singer (David Readman) with a great voice.

Personal highlights: 
"Seas Of Madness", "Speed Of Light" and "Lost In Illusions"