Saturday, August 13, 2011

Richard Galliano - Viaggio

Year of release: 1993
Genre: Jazz/Tango
Country: France

01. Waltz For Nicky
02. Java Indigo
03. Viaggio
04. Billie
05. Tango Pour Claude
06. Christopher's Bossa
07. Coloriage
08. Romance
09. Little Muse
10. La Liberté Est Une Fleur

In a few words:
Richard Galliano is a French accordionist and Viaggio (meaning "Trip") is his third solo album that released in 1993. If you like the smooth sound of accordion then stop here and you will not regret it. Fans of Astor Piazzola are also welcomed. In this album we have high class technique from all the musicians, a lot of beautiful melodies and of course tons of feeling. The compositions balance between jazz and tango. Apart from accordion in Viaggio you will listen and other instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, contrabass and drums. I should point out that there are no vocals in the album, but I don't think that are necessary. Last but not least, Viaggio is another favorite album for night-listening. 


Personal highlights: 
"Viaggio", "Tango Pour Claude" and "Coloriage"