Monday, December 21, 2009

Iasis - Duente

Year of release: 2002
Genre: Ethnic/Folk/Jazz
Country: Greece

01. Moon Dance
02. Duente
03. Sea Still
04. With Eyes Towards Crete
05. Paradise Has A Moment
06. In The Markets Of The World
07. Memories
08. Dance On One Foot
09. At One With THe Clouds
10. Electric Steps
11. In Southern Dusk
12. They Speak To The Angel

In a few words:
Now it's time to relax and travel somewhere very far. Where? Well, this album is an interesting journey to the ancient Greece. We could describe this album as a collection of ethnic and folk melodies, filtrated through a jazz prism. The technique of musicians is at a very high level. All the songs apart from the 11th (in collaboration with the famous Greek singer El. Arvanitaki) are instrumentals. So, relax and enjoy!!!

Personal highlights:
"Duente", "Memories" and "In Southern Dusk"