Friday, December 11, 2009

Képzelt Város - Mit Nekem

Year of release: 2009
Genre: Experimental/Alternative/Post Rock
Country: Hungary

01. Sol
02. D2
03. Papirhajó
04. Zuhanó
05. Sergei6
06. White Noise
07. Hercules
08. Futok

In a few words:
In this blog I always like to promote new artists. Képzelt Város is an Hungarian band that formed in Budapest in 2005. They play an interesting mix of alternative and post rock. Although the songs are basically instrumental, there are some vocals in Hungarian . They get an extra credit for the use of cello. The album can be downloaded for free from their page. Visit their myspace by clicking here. Give them a try!

Personal highlights:
"Papirhajó", "Zuhanó" and "Hercules"