Thursday, December 10, 2009

Soul Cages - Moments

Year of release: 1996
Genre: Art Rock/Progressive Metal
Country: Germany

01. Frezing
02. The Naked Word
03. Moments
04. Methode No.23
05. In Our Hands
06. Elegy
07. Impressions
08. My Spiritual Home

In a few words:
Great German progressive band which has released 3 albums until now. I was surprised when I found that they are still active and they are recording a new album (their last album "Craft" was released in 1999). If you like nice melodies, atmosphere, a good combination of lead and backing vocals in your progressive music, check this album. The band has its own style and the only similar band that I can think is probably Eloy.

Personal highlights:
"The Naked Word", "Moments" and "Impressions"