Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Piano Magic - Disaffected

Year of release: 2005
Genre: Darkwave/Indie Rock
Country: U.K.

01. You Can Hear The Room
02. Love & Music
03. Pinight Of The Hunter
04. Disaffected
05. Theory Of Ghosts
06. Your Ghost
07. I Must Leave London
08. Deleted Scenes
09. The Nostalgist
10. You Can Never Get Lost (When You've Nowhere To Go)

In a few words:
Here is an interesting mixture of sounds and genres. An album that combines the synths of pop and dark wave of 80's with the alternative guitars of 90's, being at the same time modern - not old fashioned. An interesting album that is appropriate to close another year of searching for strange music.

Personal highlights:
"Love & Music", "Your Ghost" and "Deleted Scenes"