Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dead Man - Dead Man

Year of release: 2005
Genre: Psychedelic/Folk Rock
Country: Norway

01. Goin' Over The Hill
02. Haunted Man
03. Mumbo Gumbo
04. Season Of The Dead
05. Further
06. Highway
07. Deep Forest Green

In a few words:

Yes, you saw correct! This album was released in 2005, not somewhere between 1965 - 1975, although the music (and the artwork) wants to convince us for the opposite. The debut album of this Norwegian band is a time-traveler that lead us back to the decades of 60 and 70's where the psychedelic rock and folk rock were very popular. If this album was released in 1968 for example we could speak for a masterpiece. Now we can just sit down and enjoy it. The band has released another album "Euphoria" in 2008 which is more folk-ish than this, but it also worth-listening.

Personal highlights:
"Goin' Over the Hill", "Mumbo Gumbo" and "Further"


Anonymous said...

Oh shit! Thanks for this!
I've been looking (somewhat half-assedly) for this for awhile.
Thanks, pal.
Complete awesome.

Strange Taste In Music said...

Yes, it was difficult to find this album. This is the reason why I upload it here.

Cheers... ;-)