Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sieges Even - The Art Of Navigating By The Stars

Year of release: 2005
Genre: Progressive Metal/Art Rock
Country: Germany

01. Intro: Navigating By The Stars
02. Sequence I: The Weight
03. Sequence II: The Lonely Views Of Condors
04. Sequence III: Unbreakable
05. Sequence IV: Stigmata
06. Sequence V: Blue Wide Open
07. Sequence VI: To The Ones Who Have Failed
08. Sequence VII: Lighthouse
09. Sequence VIII: Styx

In a few words:
The first time I listened to this band was back in 2002 (my first album was the masterpiece called "A Sense Of Change"). I was so amazed with that album. The reason I use this prologue is that "The Art..." could easily be the new "A Sense...". Although is a very technocratic album, it contains a lot of beautiful melodies that makes it easily understood even to people who are not familiar with prog metal. The technique of the musician cannot be criticized (it is at very high standards). The voice of new vocalist (Arno Menses) fits excellent to the beautiful music. Here we have one of the best albums of the decade 2000 - 2009.

Personal highlights:
All the album of course!!!