Monday, January 18, 2010

Tired Tape Machine - Somewhere Safe

Year of release: 2009
Genre: Ambient/Post Rock
Country: Sweden

01. Somewhere Safe
02. On A Train
03. This Winter
04. Like Glass
05. Life Is A Joke
06. From A Great Distance
07. The Tired Tape Machine Waltz
08. Ghosts In The Machine

In a few words:

Tired Tape Machine is actually Petter Lindhagen’s one man band. In his debut (self release) album he give us a beautiful, cinematic piece of work that can be enjoyed from many people. He composed, played and produced all the instruments in this album. The music balances between darkness and light, between pop and other styles of music, while the melodies sound familiar and unknown at the same time. Xylophone, harmonica, piano, acoustic and electric guitars are the main instruments used here. I was very impressed from the album and considering that it is his first attempt, it raised my expectations for the future.

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Personal highlights:
"On A Train", "Life Is A Joke" and "Ghosts In The Machine"