Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uli Jon Roth - Metamorphosis Of Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Year of release: 2003
Genre: Classical/Symphonic Rock
Country: Germany

1. Prelude To The Seasons
2. Venga La Primavera
3. April Rain
4. The Triumph Of Spring
5. Tales Of The Summer Wind
6. Thunder In July
7. The Tempest - Tuona e Fulmina
8. Cheiron And Selenos
9. Teardrops In October
10. Artemis
11. Ice, Wind & Fire
12. Sleighbells At Yasnaya
13. War Of The Winds
14. Thunder Cadenza
15. Cry Of The Night
16. Summer's Breath
17. Rodeo From Hell
18. Les Adieux
19. Springtime Euphoria
20. The Heart Of Chopin
21. Dance Of The Water Spirits
22. Transfiguration
23. Venga La Vita
24. The Morning Of Forever

In a few words:
I first listened to this album back in 2003, when one night I was listening to a radio show. The radio producer played all the "Winter" part. It was enough! I was so astonished with what I heard that the next day I went to a music shop and bought the album. From the title, as you might think, the album contains the famous Vivaldi composition as it was performed by Uli and the Sky Orchestra. The performance is similar to the original composition but instead of "first violin" we hear the sky guitar. Furthermore, Uli added another part, the "Metamorphosis", which is a composition influenced by Vivaldi. There are also some narrative parts between the various "seasons". If you liked the original composition you will definitely enjoy this one!

Personal highlights:
All the album without any doubt!